Welcome to Stamford Boys of 1911

We go to Remembrance Day services and say ‘We will remember them’ but do we know whom to remember?

This site is dedicated to the boys of Stamford, Lincolnshire who were born between April 1895 and March 1900, many of whom served King and Country in the First World War.

The first aim of the project was to identify all the boys aged 11-16 years living in Stamford in 1911 (using the census returns) to find out where they lived and more about their families.

Rather than concentrate on those who were killed, our intention was always to include all the boys and to produce short accounts of as many of them as possible before, during and after the War.

The working group of Alec Burt, Kath Fryer, Margaret Gleeson, Sue Lee and Jean Orpin have researched the 451 boys (58 died in war service) on the list.

We hope visitors to this site will be able to add to the information shown.