Arthur Baxter

Census Address: 7 Hope's Terrace, East Street
Place of Birth: Stamford
Date of Birth: 1896
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: --
Date Died: --
East Street

Arthur Baxter – 7 Hope’s Terrace

Arthur Baxter is something of a mystery. In 1911, he was 15 years old and living at 7 Hope’s Terrace with his parents, his sister Ethel 13 years and his maternal grandfather. His father was an iron moulder at an oil engineering works and Arthur was an apprentice iron moulder at an agricultural engineers.

His birthplace was given as Stamford but no registration of his birth has been found and in 1901 (when he would have been 5 years old) the rest of the family are listed at 1 Malting’s Yard but he is not included. Searches have not yet found him anywhere else.

The family were still at Hope’s Terrace in 1916 (Dolby’s Directory) but no wartime references have been found.

(N.B. He is not Arthur Ewart Baxter for whom there are some records)