Thomas Bloodworth

Census Address: 17a High Street
Place of Birth: Moreton, Lincs
Date of Birth: 1895
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: --
Date Died: --

Thomas Bloodworth – 17a High Street

Thomas’ parents were Francis Bloodworth and Eliza nee Handford and he had a considerably older brother and sister. None of Thomas’ family were born in Stamford and he himself was born in Little Casterton however at the time of the 1901 census he and his parents were living at 31 Reform St, off Casterton Road so he did grow up in the town.
Francis was a farm labourer but he died in 1906 and by 1911 Eliza had married again to a much younger man. Thomas’ stepfather, William Henry White was a groom in livery stables and Thomas was living with him and his mother at 17A High Street in1911. This was probably part of the property behind the street front of No 17.
During the War Thomas Bloodworth served in the Labour Company. He enlisted in June 1917 and was still with the Agricultural Company at Wigston Barracks, Leicester in 1919. He had moved back to 31 Reform Street perhaps with his older siblings.

He married in Stamford in 1920 and was also living in the town when he died in 1965.