Edward Stuart Bowman

Census Address: Ivydene, Ryhall Road
Place of Birth: Hampshire
Date of Birth: 1899
Enlistment Address: Ivydene, Ryhall Road
Regiment: Cadet in Royal Field Artillery
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: Stamford
Date Died: 1966
Ivydene, Ryhall Road, Stamford2

Edward Stuart Bowman – Ivydene, Ryhall Road

Edward Stuart Simkin Bowman (known as Stuart) was born in Upper Parkstone, Dorset on 28th July 1899 but he lived in Stamford from 1900, firstly at 6 Barn Hill. His father (also called Edward) returned to the town to take over the family firm of Builders & Contractors on the death of his own father. Edward (senior) was only 30 years old at the time but was soon to start building up the reputation of Bowmans for church work. He built new premises for the company and also played a prominent part in town affairs.
In 1911 Stuart aged 11 years, his parents and 2 younger brothers, James 10 years and Ronald Oliver 4 years, were living at Ivydene, Ryhall Road. The house was quite substantial with 9 rooms although they only had one live-in servant.
Stuart was educated at Stamford School and in 1917 became a cadet in the Royal Field Artillery. The War ended only a few months after his 18th birthday so it seems he was never called on for active service. He went on to Keble College where he took a degree in Engineering Science and then worked abroad for a time.
In 1924 he was employed as Assistant Engineer in the Port Development Department in Hong Kong when he completed the exams for the Institute of Civil Engineers. He returned home and joined the family firm in Stamford in 1927. He married Ellen W A Reynolds in Hemel Hempstead in 1929 and they had a daughter and two sons. Together with his brother and cousins he continued to build up a successful business.

Edward Stuart Bowman, Mayor of Stamdford 1950-51

Edward Stuart Bowman, Mayor of Stamdford 1950-51

Bowman's Yard, Cherryholt Road

Bowman’s Yard, Cherryholt Road, Stamford

He was awarded an OBE for his work during World War II as a Lt. Colonel with the Royal Marine Engineers. He was Commanding Officer in the Orkney Islands. From the 1930s until his death in 1966, he held many official posts in Stamford including Town Councillor, Charity Trustee, School Governor, Borough Magistrate, Alderman and Mayor.

“He was a brilliant man with great qualities of foresight. He was genuine and sincere and shunned the limelight” (Obituary Stamford Mercury)