Richard Carr

Census Address: 39 High Street
Place of Birth: Witham-On-The-Hill
Date of Birth: 1898 ---
Enlistment Address: -
Regiment: -
Service Numbers: -
Place of Death: ?
Date Died: ?1966

Richard Carr – 39 High Street

Lee & Son, skin and iron merchants occupied these premises, with part of the building used as a grocery store.

In 1900 they also opened a Marine Store here and in 1911 this was managed by Richard Carr’s brother-in-law, Arthur George Ayto.

Richard’s father was a blacksmith in Witham-on-the-Hill where the rest of his family were for the census.

Richard was 12 years old and listed as a visitor to his older sister, Sarah Ayto. He was still at school so may have been attending school in Stamford and living with these relatives.