Thomas Doughty

Census Address: 17 Alexandra Terrace
Place of Birth: Stamford
Date of Birth: 1898
Enlistment Address: 9 Melbourne Road
Regiment: 4th Battalion Reserves, Lincolnshire
Service Numbers: 62519
Place of Death: Grantham
Date Died: 1965
17 Alexandra Road, Stamford

Thomas was born on 11 February 1898 in Stamford. He was the younger brother of Christine, Gertrude and Edward Philip, the family of Susan and Edward Doughty of 11 The Street, Little Casterton. After the birth of baby brother Cecil and the death of Edward, his father, Thomas moved to Stamford with his mother and brothers and sisters. They lived first at 17 Alexandra Terrace with Susan’s brother James then moved to 9 Melbourne Road.

Thomas was working as an iron moulder like his brother when, on 19/2/1916 , aged 18, he enlisted or was conscripted into the army. He was 5ft 6ins tall with grey eyes and an expanded chest of 34 inches . His overall fitness was A1 and he became Private 62519 in the Lincolnshire regiment 4th Battalion Reserves. Two years later, on 29 June 1918 he was called to Lincoln for duty. He had grown an extra inch in height and half-an inch in chest measurement over the time and was still A1 with grey eyes, fresh complexion and full vision.

On 10 July 1918 he embarked from Cork for the Western Front but just before the end of the war he was gassed and sent back to the Gas Centre, Skegness. On 29 November 1918 he was charged with an offence of oversleeping (until 8:20 am) and given 7 days confined to barracks and docked 3 days pay by Colonel Hart. The Colonel’s adjutant reduced this to 1 day and Thomas was transferred back to the Reserve. He was discharged from the army on 1 February 1919 with no medals and no pension.

In 1926 Thomas married Louisa M Betts born in 1889, the daughter of Frances, a widow with a large family, from Grantham. It is likely that Thomas and Louisa lived in Grantham and Thomas’s death was registered there in March 1965.