Arthur Stephen Farrow

Census Address: 31 Scotgate
Place of Birth: Frome, Somerset
Date of Birth: 1896
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: Wandsworth
Date Died: 1974

Arthur Stephen Farrow– 31 Scotgate

Stephen Farrow, Arthur Stephen’s father, was born in Crowland and started his working life as page to the Rector of Crowland. He had, however, travelled around the country before he returned to Lincolnshire. He became an ironmonger’s assistant in Leicestershire; married in Nottinghamshire; lived in Frome, Somerset, worked as an ironmonger in Cornwall and then got into buying and selling motors, eventually become the Sales Manager for Clyde Motors in Leicester.

By about 1909, Messrs Woodhouse and Farrow were trading as Stamford Garage & Motor agency. They were sole district agents for Belsize and Rover cars, Triumph motor cycles and Dunlop and Goodrich tyres. They also had two large cars and one small for hire.

31 ScotgateArthur Stephen was born while his parents were in Frome, Somerset and in 1911, he was 15 years old, still at school and living at 31 Scotgate (the house on the right of the arch).

In October 1913 he joined 4th Lincs Territorial Force signing up for 4 years. By then he was also a bound apprentice at Blackstones. He was 5ft 4ins, weighed 140lbs, had normal fitness and good vision. It is possible that he continued to work at Blackstones while he trained and served in the Territorials without going abroad. He had several minor punishments listed on his service record including one for being absent on 12th November 1918 – no doubt celebrating the Armistice! When he was demobbed in January 1919, he was a qualified Signaller and gave his address as 28 Scotgate.
He continued to live in Stamford and married Ethel A Freeman in 1920. He joined his father running the motor garage and when his father died in 1932 Arthur Stephen was described as a motor engineer. His father left £6,546 and 5 shillings.

The Garage continued until at least the 1950s. There was a showroom next to Rock House and workshops past No 31 through the arch. They also had a motorcycle showroom.

An Arthur Farrow born in 1896, died in Wandsworth in 1974