Leonard Harding

Census Address: 7 Cooch's Court, Bath Row
Place of Birth: Rockingham, Northamtonshire
Date of Birth: November 5th 1895
Enlistment Address: -
Regiment: -
Service Numbers: -
Place of Death: -
Date Died: December 1969
Cooch's Court, Bath Row, Stamford

Leonard Harding was born on November 5th 1895 in Rockingham Northamtonshire. In 1901 his father Mark worked as a gardener on the Rockingham estate. Both Mark and his wife Eliza were born in Sussex. By 1911 they had moved to Stamford and were living at 7 Cooch’s Court.

Leonard had an older brother James aged 17, a younger brother Albert aged 5 and two sisters, May aged 13 and Alice aged 10. James was working for a wine and spirit dealer and Leonard worked as a pawnbroker’s assistant.

No military records were found for Leonard but his brother James was killed in 1919 while serving with the Lincolnshire regiment.

Leonard married Florence Walker in 1919, he married again in 1961 to Beatrice McSweeney. He died in December 1969.