West Street and Queen’s Walk

In 1911, West Street was a fairly new development north of the old town.

West Street

West Street

Before the Enclosure Act of 1875 this was part of Pingle Field, one of the open fields. Undoubtedly there had been earlier encroachments but most of the housing that remains today (2014/15) does date from the late 19th & early 20th century when the north side of the road became available for building. There was also a considerable space used as gardens for those living in the old town. The south side of the street had back entrances to Rutland Terrace then followed the line of the town wall which had already been built up against.

Queen's Walk

Queen’s Walk

Queen’s Walk was a new development of small villas suitable for workers who had started to go up in the world.

The occupants of the street were mainly workers in reputable trades or minor tradesmen working on their own behalf. There were surprisingly few families and the households on the street and in Queen’s Walk were in marked contrast to the small area at the south end of Foundry Road called Burrell’s Court.

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