Harold Smith Sharpe

Census Address: 13 West Street
Place of Birth: Peterborough
Date of Birth: 1894
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: --
Date Died: --
13 West Street

Harold Smith Sharpe

In 1911, Harold Sharpe was living at 13 West Street with 3 cousins and his uncle and aunt, Samuel & Sarah Ellen Sharpe. Harold Smith Sharpe was born in 1894 in Peterborough, the (doubtless illegitimate) son of Samuel’s older sister, Ellen. In 1901, he had been boarding with a widow in Peterborough so it is not known when he came or for how long he had been living in his uncle’s house.

He was a Telegraph Operative with the Great Northern Railway at the age of 16, so presumably would have been in demand when the War, began however there are no military records for him and he is not listed in ‘Stamford in the Great War’.

Neither of Sam Sharpe’s sons are listed either although Sam Sharpe was still living in this house until at least 1939.

On the census Samuel Sharpe was recorded as working as a carter for a higgler (a seller of small goods often used as the name for a pedlar) and 13 West St is called Higglers House.