20 St George's Street, Stamford

In 1911 Arthur was 18 years old,  he was born in 1892 in Stamford. His parents were John and Alice (nee Smith Fishpool) Hodgett. His father was employed as a driller in an engineering works making machines. In 1911 the family including 6 surviving siblings were living at 20 St George’s Street, Stamford (also their… Read More

Charles Hall – 9 School Terrace Charles was the youngest of the eight children of John William and Eliza Hall. Three of the children died in infancy so Charles, born in 1895, grew up with 2 elder brothers (John T and William) and 2 elder sisters (Jemima and Ellen). His maternal grandmother, Jemima Birkett, also… Read More

13-17 High Street, St Martins

Harold John Hill Harold was born in Stamford on 9 September 1899 and lived with his father John, mother Emma Gertrude and older sister Edith Margaret. His father was a hairdresser and in 1901 the family lived in his business premises at 15/16 High Street St Martins. Sadly before 1911, his father died and Harold… Read More

20 St George's Street, Stamford

In 1911 Herbert was 16, he was born in Stamford in 1895. He was the second son of John and Alice Hodgett . He was employed as an engineer moulder in a company manufacturing oil engines. In 1911 & 1901 the family was living at 20 St George’s Street, Stamford.His elder brother Arthur and younger… Read More

Louis Ernest Hardingham – 12 Ironmonger Street Louis was the only son of Ernest Radford Hardingham and Agnes Jemima Petch. He was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent on 10th September 1898 but by April 1901 his father was established as a hairdresser and wigmaker at 18 St Mary’s Street, Stamford. Having been awarded a scholarship… Read More

20 St George's Street, Stamford

George was the third son of John and Alice Hodgett, in 1911 he was 12, having been born in 1899 in Stamford. In 1911 he was still at school and on leaving school he entered the same trade as his brothers, working as a moulder apprentice in the engineering industry. In July 1916 his eldest… Read More

John Henry, the only child of William and Harriet was born in Empingham on June 15th 1894. In 1911 the family lived at 3 Newbould’s Buildings a four roomed house in Newbould’s Lane running between Cemetery Road and Casterton Road. His father was a labourer at the woodyard and he was a fitter at Martins’Cultivators.… Read More

Arthur Henry Joseph Hollis – The Stag & Pheasant, 14 Broad Street Arthur Hollis grew up at the Stag & Pheasant public house where his father, Arthur Samwells Hollis was the licensee for about 20 years. There were 4 children in the family and Arthur born in 1898 was the youngest with 3 older sisters.… Read More

1 St George's Square

In 1911 Sidney was 11, he was born in 1899 in Stamford. Sidney and his younger sister Hilda lived at 1 St George’s Square with his parents Frederick and Annie (nee Hitchen) Hare. His father was a second generation butcher in Stamford. His mother was a dressmaker. In1901 they had lived at 1 Vine Street… Read More

4 St Peter's Hill

Cecil Charles Hawkins Cecil Charles Hawkins was the son of Charles and Sarah Hawkins. He was born in January 1900. In 1901 he lived at 6 Mount Pleasant, Stamford. His father was a saddler working on his own account. By 1911 they had moved to 4 St Peter’s Hill. Cecil probably would not have served… Read More