Barnack Road

From 1834 the road to Barnack on the eastern edge of St Martins parish was dominated by the forbidding buildings of the Stamford Union Workhouse. Rendered redundant in the late 19th century with the building of St George’s Hospital in Ryhall Road, the site of the workhouse, originally part of the Burghley estate, was sold piecemeal.

Barnack Road, Stamford

Barnack Road, Stamford

In 1902 a plot of four acres close to the end of Water Street and facing Burghley Park was bought by Mr Seccombe. He owned a successful draper’s shop on St Marys Street, Stamford, and was making a good investment. He planned a small development of 24 houses with a patchwork of allotments for the tenants’ use.

Nine houses were to front onto Barnack Road and be called Greba Terrace; nine right-angled to the road became Buda Terrace; six known as Belle Vue Terrace utilised the old Workhouse Infirmary buildings running parallel to the railway.

Later, commemorating George V’s coronation in 1911, six more houses were added, to be called Coronation Villas. They were all sturdy stone-built cottages and they attracted stable tenants to this rural end of Stamford. It was several decades before more houses and a factory appeared further along Barnack Road.

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