Park Lane

This lane runs from Water Street up to Barnack Road behind the eastern side of High Street St Martins and the western side of Lumley’s Terrace.

Burghley Lane

This narrow lane runs behind the eastern side of High Street St Martins along one edge of Burghley Park. A wicket gate there in the wall gives entry to the park.

This little gate leads from Burghley Lane and Park Lane into Burghley Park. Originally it was a short cut for Lady Anne Cecil, who had a house in High Street St Martins, to connect her to Burghley House.

In 1911 it was a handy approach for boys to the Burghley Park cricket pitch.

Close to the wicket gate on the western edge of Burghley Park is this row of terraced cottages, where the lane turns to the west, opening on to High Street, St Martins.

All Saints’ Place encircles All Saints’ Church with a variety of inns, shops and houses.

Burghley Lane, Stamford

Burghley Lane, Stamford

Burghley Lane - wicket gate

Burghley Lane – wicket gate

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