Hope’s Terrace

Hope’s Terrace, situated off East Street, has been demolished probably in the 1930’s when grants were made to replace sub-standard overcrowded housing. Eric Till described it as “A squalid row of slum dwellings”.In the early 20th Century, Numbers 5 to 12 were three and four room houses with courtyards behind. Numbers 1 to 4 had been joined together as Number 1 which had 8 rooms and seems to have been used as a boarding house.
The occupants were for the most part labourers working in industries in the town – brewing, iron works etc.Some of the houses had only a couple of occupants but most had many – Number 8 housed 12 in 3 rooms in 1901 and Number 6 housed 10 in 4 rooms in 1911.With over 50 people living along the Terrace in 1911 it would have been a busy place but few occupants stayed there very long.

East Street looking East from bottom of Recreation Ground Road

East Street looking East from bottom of Recreation Ground Road. Hope’s Terrace was behind these houses.

Hope's Terrace, East Street, Stamford

Hope’s Terrace, East Street, Stamford

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