John William Atkins

Census Address: 2 Dixon's Court
Place of Birth: Stamford
Date of Birth: 1895
Enlistment Address: 2 Dixon's Court
Regiment: Army Service Corps
Service Numbers: -
Place of Death: -
Date Died: -
Dixon’s Court Plot for Sale

John William Atkins was born in Stamford in 1895. His father, Frank, was born in Duddington and his mother Harriet at Whitwell. His father was a painter at the Implement works, probably Martins.

They had 9 children and so John had 6 sisters and 2 brothers, three had left home by 1911. They moved to Dixon’s Court from 15 Gas Street.  Dixon’s Court was built behind No 12 and 13 St Peter’s Street. In Dixon’s Court they had 3 rooms.

He enlisted in 1916 in the Army Service Corps. He served in Egypt with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force.