George Glitherow

Census Address: Ladysmith Cottage, 46 Empingham Rd
Place of Birth: Stamford
Date of Birth: 1894
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: --
Date Died: --

The Glitherows – 46 Empingham Road (Ladysmith Cottages)

Several generations of Glitherows can be traced in Stamford. They lived for many years in Protection Yard on Scotgate
until around 1880 when Thomas Glitherow (a Joiner) and Elizabeth Ann moved to 4 Mount Pleasant on Empingham Road.
By 1901 his son, Thomas William (a wheelwright), was living next door at 3 Mount Pleasant with his wife, Mary Ann,
and 3 children;

  • George 7 years,
  • Ada Mary 4 years
  • Thomas William 1 year.

The numbering of the houses changed before 1911, so although Thomas and Elizabeth Ann were living at the same house
it was now numbered 26 Empingham Road. Two of their five sons were still living with them.

In 1911, Thomas William and Mary Ann were at Ladysmith Cottages, 46 Empingham Road, now with 4 children:

  • George,
  • Ada Mary,
  • Thomas William
  • Frederick Frank (born 1904).

By 1919 the family address was 54 Empingham Road.

3 and 4 Mount Pleasant - 26 and 28 Empingham Road

3 and 4 Mount Pleasant – 26 and 28 Empingham Road

3 & 4 Mount Pleasant - 26 and 28 Empingham Road 1

George born 18-5-1894

George was born in Stamford and in 1911 was a blacksmith. He joined the Lincolnshire Regiment as a Private but at
some stage transferred to the King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment with whom he served in France and Belgium. He was
wounded on April 9th 1917. He ended the war as a Lance/Cpl and was demobbed in Feb 1919.

After the war he married Ethel Yates in Stamford. In 1958 his occupation was given as ‘maintenance engineer’. He
died in Pontefract in 1978.

Thomas William born 1900

Thomas William was born in Stamford in early 1900. In 1911 he was still at school. No military records have been
found for him but from the Town Hall files we know he enlisted in 1917 and served in England and India with the rank
of Corporal.

He married Mabel Ringham in 1929 and they had 3 children. He died in April 1958 at St George’s in Stamford – his
address was still 54 Empingham Road and Probate was granted to his brothers George and Frederick Frank (a foreman

Others in the family

George and Thomas William’s sister, Ada Mary married Herbert R Currell in 1917 and their daughter was born in
Thomas William’s daughter Margaret married Robert R Pepper in 1957 in Stamford.
Thomas William’s son Patrick married Agatha Reynolds in 1953 and they had a daughter and 3 sons in Stamford. Agatha
(Peggy), Patrick’s widow, died in 2008.

Amendments and Addenda

Although this was a large family living mainly in close proximity to each other on Empingham Road, there only seems to be two members still living in Stamford in 2019.