Henry Barker Hibbitt

Census Address: 12 Rock Road
Place of Birth: Stamford
Date of Birth: 1896
Enlistment Address: --
Regiment: --
Service Numbers: --
Place of Death: --
Date Died: --

Henry Barker Hibbitt – 12 Rock Road

Henry’s parents George Barker Hibbitt and Annie Ringham married in 1889 and had 2 children – Henry in 1896 and Ruth in 1901. George was a compositor on a newspaper. They seem to have been restless as they lived at numerous addresses, all in Stamford! Before 1911 they are recorded on North Street and Empingham Road but from about 1905 until after the census they were at 12 Rock Road so this was an area that Henry would be familiar with.
Henry was one of the group of boys recruited in Stamford in November 1914 and enlisted in Lincoln. He was 18 years 3 months old and his address was given a 5 St George’s Street. He was 5ft 6ins and his physical development and vision were described as good. He belonged to the 4th Battalion of the Lincolnshire Regiment and was mobilised on 14th August 1915 as a Private in D Company.
Henry spent some time in Ireland then was posted with the British Expeditionary Force in February 1917. In March 1918 his finger was burned on duty but he was not disabled. A month later on 16th April 1918 he had a gun-shot wound to his right wrist which resulted in 70% permanent disability. On his discharge in February 1919, he was given a King’s Certificate. He also received the British and Victory Medals. He had yet another address – 45 St Paul’s Street – on his discharge.

In June 1921 Henry married Eve Freshwater and they had a daughter, Jill. Henry had no use in his right arm and suffered from emphysema, no doubt due to being gassed but he overcame his disabilities and made the most of life. He became manager of the abattoir in Stamford, learnt to write with his left hand and was a good fisherman. In later life he lived at 4 York Road and he died in Stamford Hospital in March 1963.