St Paul's Street, looking East

Arthur was born in Stamford in 1886 and in 1911, aged 12, he was living at 40 St Paul’s Street (now demolished) with his parents Henry and Elizabeth (nee Pridmore) Ringham and his 12 year old brother Walter. His father was an agricultural implement fitter and Arthur was a foundry labourer. His other siblings were… Read More

St Paul's Street, looking East

Isiah was born in Stamford in 1893. In 1911, aged 18, he was living with his widowed father John Wade, an iron finisher in a foundry making agricultural implements, at 27 St Paul’s Street (now demolished). His mother, Elizabeth M A Wade (nee Monk) had recently died in January 1911. His parents had eleven surviving… Read More

15 St Leonard's Street

Edward was one of John Thomas’s older brothers and was born in 1889 in Stamford. In 1911 he was 22 and living with the rest of his family at 15 St Leonard’s Street. He was then employed as a porter at a chemist. In 1901 the family lived at 16 Gas Street. In 1891 two… Read More

20 St George's Street, Stamford

In 1911 Arthur was 18 years old,  he was born in 1892 in Stamford. His parents were John and Alice (nee Smith Fishpool) Hodgett. His father was employed as a driller in an engineering works making machines. In 1911 the family including 6 surviving siblings were living at 20 St George’s Street, Stamford (also their… Read More

Cooch's Court, Bath Row, Stamford

Thomas Herbert born on April 10th 1899 was the son of Thomas and Jane Burton. In 1901 he was living with his parents and sister Florence born in 1897 at 10 Rock Road. By 1911 Thomas was a widower and was living at 6 Cooch’s Court with Florence now 14 and Mabel 10. Thomas Herbert… Read More

18 Austin Street

Joseph Edward Green Joseph, Born on 19th January 1892 was the son of Joseph and Annie Green living at 18 Austin Street. Joseph senior was a fireman. Before he joined the navy he was apprenticed to Hare and sons decorators in St Mary’s Street. He joined the Navy in 1908 for 13 ½ years. In… Read More

Frederick Henry Young – 25 Empingham Road Frederick Henry’s grandfather, Edward Forster Young, was born in Tring but sometime in the 1860s he took on a grocery business at 13 St John’s Street, Stamford with stabling for delivery horses across Castle Street (Wetherspoons 2015). By 1881 the business was being run by his widow and… Read More

Exeter Court

Arthur Ward Arthur born in April 1900 was the son of Charles and Eliza. In 1901 he was living in King Street, Norwich and his father was a corn carter. All the family were born in Norfolk and must have come to Stamford shortly before the 1911 census. In 1911 he was living at 4… Read More

Doughty Street, Stamford

He was born in early 1898 at 1 Doughty Street, Stamford. His father James (agricultural engineer) and mother Sarah lived in Stanley Street when they were first married where four children were born. Two died in infancy leaving Alfred and Percy. The family moved to Doughty Street before Walter, the fifth child, was born. Two… Read More

William Ward had been a cabinet maker, upholsterer and councillor in Stamford and his brother, Thomas Jeffery Ward was an architect and land surveyor. Thomas and his wife Eliza (née Gutteridge) occupied 8 rooms at 6 Ironmonger Street. Thomas & Eliza had no children of their own but were providing accommodation for William’s grandson, 13… Read More