Maltings Yard, Water Street, Stamford

Sidney Hickman Sidney was born Greetham, Rutland in the autumn of 1896 and lived at 6 Normanton Road, Easthope near Melton Mowbray with his father Frederick (a cowman), mother Eliza, three older brothers and a baby sister. Before 1911 his father died and his widowed mother brought the family to live in Maltings Yard, Water… Read More

Hit or Miss Pub, Foundry Road

William Humberstone, a wheelwright, married Mary Ann Fitch in 1891. Ernest was born in Stamford in 1894 and at the time of the 1901 census they were living at 6b Rock Road (later the home of another of our Boys, Reginald Clark). Only a couple of weeks after the census Mary died, probably after giving… Read More

7 Southview Terrace, Stamford

George Webster Hill George, born in July 1899, was the son of John and Fanny Hill. In 1901 John and Fanny were living at the Dairy Farm at Burghley where John was working as a horseman. His father, a farm foreman, and his mother were also living there. By 1911 Fanny was a widow living… Read More

Charles Hall – 9 School Terrace Charles was the youngest of the eight children of John William and Eliza Hall. Three of the children died in infancy so Charles, born in 1895, grew up with 2 elder brothers (John T and William) and 2 elder sisters (Jemima and Ellen). His maternal grandmother, Jemima Birkett, also… Read More

13-17 High Street, St Martins

Harold John Hill Harold was born in Stamford on 9 September 1899 and lived with his father John, mother Emma Gertrude and older sister Edith Margaret. His father was a hairdresser and in 1901 the family lived in his business premises at 15/16 High Street St Martins. Sadly before 1911, his father died and Harold… Read More

20 St George's Street, Stamford

In 1911 Herbert was 16, he was born in Stamford in 1895. He was the second son of John and Alice Hodgett . He was employed as an engineer moulder in a company manufacturing oil engines. In 1911 & 1901 the family was living at 20 St George’s Street, Stamford.His elder brother Arthur and younger… Read More

2 Red Lion Street, Stamford

John Halford, born in 1900, was the son of Elizabeth Halford, a widow. He lived at 2 Red Lion Street in 1911. His mother had a fish and chip shop. He had three older brothers, Samuel Henry, a postman, Arthur, a compositor. Harry, and a sister Martha. John was too young to serve in the… Read More

Hit or Miss Pub, Foundry Road

John Thomas Holmes – 13 Foundry Road John Thomas’ parents were Frederick Holmes of Tinwell and Harriet Newbon of Easton-on-the-Hill who married in 1897. John was born in Easton and his sister Gertrude Emma in Tinwell. A younger sister, Constance, was born in Stamford in 1909 and they were all living at 13 Foundry Road… Read More

21 St George's Street, Stamford

In 1911 James was 16, he was born in 1894 in Easton on the Hill, Northamptonshire. He was living with his widowed father, also called James, at 21 St George’s Street. His father was a labourer at the Gas Works and a lamp lighter. James was employed by a tailor as an assistant shop hand.… Read More

Burghley Park and House

Albert George Victor Huddstone was born in 1896 and was a Room Steward in Burghley House in 1911, one of 30 indoor staff. Said to be born in Wymondham, Leicestershire he knew nothing of his father and mother. At the time the Burghley estate belonged to the 5th Marquess of Exeter who lived in the… Read More